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For those who feel stuck

There’s something to be said about ‘not going through things alone.’ I agree that yes, you are not

the only one walking through the forest but ultimately only you can forge your path. You will

have people before, behind, next to you but it’s up to you to take the next step. May you find

those who at times carry your pack, give you water, or hold your hand but who understand they

cannot carry you and who do not ask for you to carry them. Who know this kind of wounded

love, although useful, is a disservice to both.

Maybe its dusk and darkness clouds your vision, or perhaps the sun is rising, shedding light on

what lays around you. No matter how steep, how rocky, how muddy, perhaps how idle and plain

the view around you lies, trust in yourself that you can do this, you got this.

Let yourself jump with joy or lay in awe when looking back from where you came. Let yourself

celebrate this moment in time and uplift the gorgeously trying and twirling path that brought you

here. Moments then likely didn’t make sense but perhaps now the patterns unfold for you. Know

that you will likely twirl again in the future. Maybe this time you dance, throw your arms to the

sky, and let the wind direct your feet. Your next move is yours to make, sink into the knowing

that you are guided, and you are exactly where you are meant to be. Move in ways that feel good

to you. What does expansion sound like, liberation taste like, and embodiment feel like in your

body? What happens in your heart when you allow trust to seep in and scarcity to melt away? To

have fear make space for sureness. To be able to feel both,

hold both,

honor both,

and let both.

Graduate Intern


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