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Human Design Readings


Human design is a chart or a body graph that is calculated based on your birth fate time and place to reveal your energy blueprint. It shows you how to step into you true authentic self. It helps you discover your gifts and the unique energies you bring into this world. 


There are 5 types in human design and each one has their own strategy to help bring you back into alignment and walk through life more gracefully. 


Then you dive much deeper - into your authority, channels, gates and much more. 


If you want to tap into your unconscious and conscious mind in a practical non-judgemental guided approach then human design is for you. 


I encourage you to run you human design chart by going to - then check out my YouTube channel for more specifics in human design. I update it regularly for free education on this complex but valuable tool. 




Service Description

This reading covers basic understanding of the overview of the chart and the origins of human design. I will then give you basic terminology on how to read the fundamental aspects of a chart. For example: What the red vs the black gates mean, the gates and symbols, etc. A complete overview of what your type, strategy and authority mean and how it can help you start to reconnect to your natural energy.


 <This allows for major awakening of how much we are conditioned > 


I will highlight specific aspects of chart based on the energy and flow of the reading as well as if there are any topics or specific questions you want to know more about. 


I SPECIALIZE in mental health and trauma areas which allows me to give you the space to open up or share your current struggles/fears which I can then use both the chart and my personal background in working in these areas to help pinpoint ways in which we can reconnect you to creativity and rest. I am here to support you and to hold space for you. All I am doing is guiding you to what is already inside of your beautiful soul. I will give you time at the end for any clarification or questions you have as well. 

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