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About Us

Diversified Health and Wellness Center is the brain child of Marsha Yost Bradford. As an undergrad at Webster University, Marsha envisioned an integrated, comprehensive approach to health and wellness, one that spanned the spectrum of body, mind, and spirit.

Over two decades of work in private practice counseling only served to confirm for Marsha that the future of health care required a more encompassing approach that allowed clients to have easy access to a diversity of offerings that help clients grow and develop according to their own paths and in their own ways.

After several conversations with members of the health and wellness community, it came as no surprise to find that this is a shared vision. The beating heart of the Center is comprised of a collaborative group of pioneering health and wellness professionals. The entrepreneurial talent of these professionals in combination with the communal resources is driving pioneering efforts in holistic therapy. New forms of therapy are emerging and new integrations of health modalities are being formed.

We are proud to offer Diversified Health and Wellness Center to the community. We are here for you!


We hope you will find the Center enriching, enlightening, and enjoyable. Please join us in health and wellness!

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