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Adult and Youth Transgender and Non-Binary Group(s) FAQ with Allie and Michelle!

Question: How much does the group cost?

Answer: For both the adult and youth support group, each session is $10. If you pay for 8 weeks in advance, the cost is discounted at $70

Question: What if I don’t have it within my finances to pay for group?

Answer: We believe that mental health care should be accessible to all. Therefore, we do offer scholarships for those who may not have it within their budget to pay for group. Both the adult support group and the youth support group offer these options. Please contact for more information.

Question: Where are the groups located and at what time are they held?

Answer: For the Adult Trans and Non-Binary Support group, it is held every Thursday night at 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Diversified Health and Wellness Center, in our studio.

For the Youth Trans and Non-Binary Support group, it is held every Sunday afternoon at 1:00-2:30 p.m. at Diversified Health and Wellness Center, in our studio

Question: What are the age requirements for the groups?

Answer: You must be 18+ to attend the adult support group.

You must be 10-18 to attend the youth support group.

Question: When am I able to join the group?

Answer: Whether you are interested in the adult group or the youth group, you may join at any time. This is an ongoing support group held weekly. You may reach out to or you can contact the group leaders to let them know if you are interested

Youth Group Leader : Michelle Brown

Adult Group Leader: Allie Wojcik

Question: What happens during a group meeting?


"In the youth group we first encourage members to share what their week has been like. Next we typically have a discussion topic of the day, which we will talk about for the majority of the session. During this time members are encouraged to join in but not required to do so. Other times we have played games, or done activities/projects that were relevant to the group. We want everyone in our group to feel comfortable and that they are in a safe place with others going through similar experiences." - Michelle Brown, M.A. CIT

"In the adult group, we discuss how each individual’s life is going. We talk about their stressors, their progress, any frustrations or celebrations. Members get to know each other better and offer feedback and support to each other. It’s an hour where you get to be surrounded by like minded people and feel a sense of belonging." - Allie Wojcik, M.A. PLPC

Question: What can I expect when I come to my first group session?


Adult Group: "During your first session, we will have you fill out any paperwork if you hadn’t already and we will have the other group members go around and introduce themselves and then have you introduce yourself, such as your name, pronouns, and a little bit about yourself that you are willing to share." - Allie Wojcik, M.A. PLPC

Youth Group: "During your first session we will have you make your own name card that includes the name you would like to go by, as well as your preferred pronouns. We will have everyone introduce themselves, share their name and pronouns, as well as anything else they are comfortable sharing. We do not pressure new members to talk beyond that, unless they feel they would like to." - Michelle Brown, M.A. CIT

Question: What if I am unsure where I am at in this journey or how I identify myself?

Answer: No matter where you are in your journey, you are welcome. Whether you are questioning things, at the beginning of your journey, trying to discover who you are, or know exactly who you are and what you want, you are welcome.

If you or your child is interested in joining our group(s), please feel free to reach out to our group leaders, Michelle or Allie, or send us an email at Thank you for your ongoing support with providing care to the LGBTQIA+ community!


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