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The Healthy Woman

What does it mean to be a healthy woman? It is one of those topics that yields no lack of opinions. Any casual glance at social media, grocery store magazine racks, and internet pundits reveals a bewildering and often contradictory array of how best to achieve health and wellness as a modern woman. And while the blitz of media offers us no end of cheap, casual advice that is hardly different from gossip at the water cooler, there is a better way to sort through the truths and half-truths.

With Diversified Health and Wellness Center, we have assembled a broad range of practitioners who are versed in the topics that are most pertinent to women’s health. It is not by accident that the majority of our providers are women! While we continue to be inclusive of men’s health as part of our integrated approach, women experience a whole range of issues that are in need of particular attention. For women, the inflection on health varies: physical health that focuses on muscular-skeletal, phlebotomy, reproductive, and hormonal dimensions; mental health that addresses anxiety, depression, dementia; spiritual health that supports connectedness, caregiving, and inclusive living.

Though we each have our individual path to traverse as we build our way to better health, we are never alone. Indeed, to be more fully healthy, we have to find our health in and as a community. Every Wonder Woman has a family of Amazons to support and sustain her. And, at Diversified Health and Wellnesss Center, we are thrilled to be able to walk with this community of strong women as we work toward better health and wellness.

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