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Zena Bui

Owner, Peace Island Co.


Hello! My name is Zena and I am a Reiki Master with the intention of assisting you on your healing journey through energy work such as Reiki, Quantum Healing, Pranic Healing, Meditation and Breath-work. After receiving my first Reiki Attunement, I realized how essential healing is, for myself and for the planet as a whole. My life started to change drastically as a result of my own healing process. I started to see the hidden layers within me start to unravel and emerge to the surface. I feel it is my calling to assist the planet by assisting you in healing, coming back to balance and revealing the beautiful soulful, deep loving and light layers that make you, you. My intention is to create a safe and sacred space to release all the blockages to let love flow unconditionally, reminding you that you are love, you are loved and you always will be. Shine and be the light that you are. Together we rise.


30min: $55

60 min: $111 

First time client: $77 for an hour


Please contact me for further details!

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