Meditation & Mindfulness

Our meditation and mindfulness instructors are here to help you learn the subtle workings of your mind and help you to find your inner awakening. Learn techniques to enhance clarity, compassion, and wisdom.

All ages and levels are welcome!

Before You Arrive

Meditation is best performed in a quiet, tranquil environment, and this environment begins with you!

You can develop a more quiet inner environment by refraining from eating anything 1-2 hours before class. And avoid consuming stimulants (e.g. caffeinated coffees, teas, chocolates, etc).

Please turn your phones off before class begins.


We start promptly and do not admit late arrivals, so plan on arriving a few minutes early before we shut the doors.

What To Bring

We will supply basic mats, blankets, and chairs to sit upon, but feel free to bring your own meditation aids as you like.

Wear comfortable clothing. We will be removing our shoes upon entering the studio, unless you have need to keep them on.

Class Structure - Kurt


Classes are by appointment only

Classes generally consist of a short introduction and some basic instructions, followed by a sitting meditation, and concluding with a group discussion and/or Q&A session.


If you have any questions or would like to book a class, please feel free to contact your teacher directly or send an inquiry to 

Class Structure - Kylie


Have you ever wanted to meditate but didn't know where to start? Or do you simply want to deepen your current meditation practice while in the company of others?


Join Kylie for the weekly Meditation Satsang. This Satsang (a Sanskrit word meaning sacred gathering) is meant to bring together fellow meditators in a safe and supportive space to explore, deepen, and enjoy the experience of meditation.


Kylie will guide you through new and fun mindfulness practices, guided meditations, silent meditation, breathwork, and more! Feel free to bring a friend who has been curious about meditation and see what it can do!

Sessions are held Monday from 7-7:45pm.


All classes are free and online until further notice.


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Kylie Chebahtah