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Alex Willow Blackstone

Hello! My name is Alex Willow Blackstone. I work with people who have a hard time creating and holding physical and energetic boundaries. These could be boundaries required for healthy relationships, boundaries for protection in traumatic situations, or boundaries for yourself to change bad habits or behaviors like negative self-talk. Having strong, solid boundaries is one of the most important abilities needed to heal and grow. It's the first step toward transforming your life!


My treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each person to make sure they receive the highest vibrational healing that works best for them. Time and again, I have seen the incredible therapeutic and restorative power of my treatments. As a passionate spiritual coach and reiki master, I'm dedicated to helping my clients evolve with a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual improvements. Growth is a process and I'm here to help you transform your life in an effective and efficient way. 


As a certified reiki master of the International Reiki Association, I have knowledge of and experience with multiple forms of reiki and energy work. I use a combination of Usui reiki, Crystal reiki, Kundalini reiki, Quantum reiki, Pranic healing, and Shamanic medicine (just to name a few). I am also a graduate of the Temple of Witchcraft, founded by Christopher Penczak. I have a familiarity with magickal practices and an immense understanding of complicated spiritual concepts. I consider myself as an energy alchemist, crystal therapist, eclectic witch, shamanic healer, writer and artist. In my free time, I love taking catnaps in the afternoon sun, writing, and supporting entrepreneurial businesses at local fairs and art festivals. Gem and mineral shows are my husband, Edward’s favorite!



Standard 30 minute session: $75

Reiki is the art and practice of energy healing. By attuning the mind and body to the flow of Qi (Chi) I will work with you to find imbalances and obstructions to your natural flow of energy; promoting physical and emotional healing.

Extended 60 minute session: $125

Sometimes you need that little extra oomph! Longer sessions can promote deeper levels of relaxation of the mind and body.

Pet Reiki: $50 

Sometimes the ones we love that need help aren’t exactly…people shaped. Reiki works with the universal energy that infuses every living thing, not just mankind. So be kind, and help man’s best friend.

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