Alex Willow Blackstone

Alex Willow Blackstone is an eclectic artist, energy alchemist, shamanic healer, freelance writer, and horror/burlesque model. In her free time, she loves taking catnaps in the afternoon sun and supporting entrepreneurial businesses at local fairs and art festivals. Gem and mineral shows are her husband, Edward’s favorite!

She is a member of American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) and a member of the International Reiki Association; certified as a Usui Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master. Alex holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Saint Louis University and was Vice President of Scholarships for Phi Theta Kappa, winning the “Officer of the Year” award in 2006. Prior works of hers include “Split”, featured in the collection Timeless Voices, 2006, by The International Library of Poetry, and “Love Ends With Hope” published in the poetry anthology, Sunflowers and Seashells: Summer Blues, 2010.


Standard 30 minute session: $40

Reiki is the art and practice of energy healing. By attuning the mind and body to the flow of Qi (Chi) I will work with you to find imbalances and obstructions to your natural flow of energy; promoting physical and emotional healing.

Extended 60 minute session: $75

Sometimes you need that little extra oomph! Longer sessions can promote deeper levels of relaxation of the mind and body.

Pet Reiki: $50 

Sometimes the ones we love that need help aren’t exactly…people shaped. Reiki works with the universal energy that infuses every living thing, not just mankind. So be kind, and help man’s best friend.

11042 Manchester Rd | Kirkwood, MO 63122

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