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Suicide Awareness Month

Yes, September is Suicide Awareness month, and we want to show our love and support to those impacted by suicide and lost loved ones due to suicide. We want to show our support by making counseling services accessible and available to those in need. We also want to make anybody aware of what signs of suicide may look like in loved ones:

  • Changes in speech (i.e., talks of feeling hopeless, not having a reason to live, feeling trapped, feeling like a burden to others, etc.)

  • Changes in behavior (i.e., increased alcohol/drug use, isolation, sleeping too much or too little, giving away prized possessions, withdrawing from activities)

  • Fluctuations in mood (i.e., loss of interest, irritability, depression, anxiety, guilt/shame, or even sudden relief/improvement)

Please know that we are here to help support you and your loved one. Call or text us today! You can reach us at (314) 698-4266 via text or you can email us at to be set up with a counselor as soon as possible. We also encourage those in immediate need dial "988" to speak with a crisis clinician.

Let us know how Diversified Health and Wellness Center can help you!


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