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Optimal Health

Optimal is an ever-changing, fluid idea. It ties into notions of the best, highest, most refined. And when we pair “optimal” with “health”, it carries even greater import and force. On the one hand, optimal health is a notion filled with aspirational overtones, a beacon of promise and an avenue that leads to the fulfillment of the good life. But in the same breath, it can be a frustrating, elusive goal, one that shifts with changing life circumstances and accompanied by inevitable compromises.

But this is actually the secret to optimal health—a balance of aspiration and frustration. By moving between these poles, getting a grip, and learning to hold them both at once, we create a powerful bond between these opposing energies, creating a circuit of strength and integrity that helps us engage the various portions of our growing selves. Dimensions of body, dimensions of mind, dimensions of spirit—optimal health finds itself when we all of these dimensions are nourished and engaged.

At Diversified Health and Wellness Center, we are committed to promoting optimal health through our passionate providers. Whether it is counseling, nutrition plans, yoga, meditation, life coaching, chiropractic, massage, and more, we will continue to offer the widest range of wellness services under one roof in the St Louis area, and invite you to join us along your path to optimal health!

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