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Childcare Sign-up
Acupuncture at Diversified Health and Wellness Center

Childcare Services

Childcare Services are available for all patrons of the Center! Let us care for your children in our spacious 500 sq ft childcare and play therapy rooms while you take a yoga class, attend a therapy session, or enjoy a relaxing massage.

Each child coming in to the childcare room must have a reserved appointment (i.e. if you are planning to bring two children, you will need to reserve two spots). Drop ins will be accommodated if space is available, but is not guaranteed.

Please be sure to register for childcare to guarantee your spot on your arrival date.


(per child)


$5 for 1 hour

$10 for 2 hours

$15 for 3 hours


5-session package: $24
10-session package: $45

20-session package: $75



Please fill out the following registration form below.

Please note that childcare is a privilege extended to patrons of the Center and is not intended as a daycare service for the general public. Patrons who drop off their children to our care are required to be physically present at the Center for the duration of childcare services.

Patrons partaking of childcare services  must provide any and all materials for their child(ren), including but not limited to:






All such materials should be clearly labelled or kept in containers labelled with the child's first and last names.

Medications will not be administered by Diversified Health and Wellness Center staff.

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