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Yalaka "Laka" Huyette


Owner, Lakawell


Laka has a passion for health and wellness that started at the age of nine in her 4th grade health class, after learning chronic disease is preventable through proper nutrition and physical activity!  With family members who suffered from many health conditions, Laka kept in mind that she could affect her health destiny through nutrition.

Graduating from the University of Missouri - Columbia with a B.S. Nutritional Sciences (Majors in Medical Dietetics and Fitness and Nutrition), Laka then went on to obtain her M.S. in Clinical Nutrition and American Council on Exercise personal training certification. Laka has over 15 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness industry. She has gained a wide range of experience from a variety of settings including private practice, fitness centers, acute hospitals, a military hospital, a University and a school nutrition food service company. Additionally, Laka sees clients in her private wellness practice (Lakawell). She uses a holistic evidenced based approach, emphasizing vegetable focused foods that are high in nutrients.

Outside of her work responsibilities, Laka mentors dietetic interns from several universities, has given guest lectures at the University of Missouri’s College of Nursing and co-hosted Your Health Matters (a local broadcast radio show).  She was recently elected president of the Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for the year 2020

In her free time, Laka enjoys music, traveling, hiking and enjoying the ever evolving St. Louis dining scene. Her hobby as a singer turned professional a few years ago. You can find her performing around St. Louis at local venues, galas, and weddings with her acoustic duo, or with a full high energy band.

Accepted Insurance Plans: Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, American Specialty Health. Pending: Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem, Medicaid

Availability: By Appointment


M.S. - Clinical Nutrition - University of Missouri - Columbia

B.S. Nutritional Sciences - University of Missouri - Columbia

Certification and Training:

American Council on Exercise Certified Trainer


Services and Pricing:



Initial assessment and intervention, individual $140

Reassessment and intervention, individual $70

Group $29 per person for 60 minute sessions, $14.50 for 30 minute sessions

Medical Nutrition Therapy, often abbreviated as MNT, is intensive , focused. evidence-based nutrition therapy led by a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) to help treat medical
conditions through use of an individually-tailored nutrition plan. It has been proven effective for many common chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease,
and digestive disorders. It relies heavily on follow-up to provide repeated reinforcement to aid with behavioral and lifestyle changes relative to each individual’s nutrition problems and
medical condition or disease(s). The initial session is 60 minutes, with subsequent sessions being up to 30 minutes.

Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT) for Obesity

15 minutes visits $35, 22 visits for one year $550


IBT for obesity consists of the following:

1. Screening using BMI (Body Mass Index)

2.Nutritional assessment 

3. Intensive behavioral counseling and behavioral therapy to
promote sustained weight loss through high intensity interventions on nutrition and exercise.

Intensive behavioral intervention is consistent with the 5-A evidenced based framework.
Visits are scheduled as follows:
Every week for the first month
Every other week for months 2-6
Every month for months 7-12 (for maintenance of lost weight)

Health and Well-being Coaching

Individual session $70

10 week package of biweekly sessions $300

Health and well-being coaching is a client-centered approach where clients determine their goals, use self-discovery or active learning processes together with content education to work toward their goals, and self-monitor behaviors to increase accountability, all within the context of an interpersonal relationship with a coach. Clients are assisted in developing intrinsic motivation and obtain skills to create sustainable change for improved health and well-being. The initial session is 60 minutes, with subsequent sessions being up to 30 minutes.

DIY Exercise or Nutrition Plan


One time fee of $105

The individualized exercise or nutrition plan includes one 60 minute session. After initial instruction, receive a copy of your plan to complete on your own time.

Physical performance package


Five, 30 minute sessions for $300

The right amount of physical activity for maximum results combines movement that is specific to an individual's level of fitness, stress volume, and body type. Receive an exercise plan that is customized to you and your goals. Your program may contain any of the following: standard strength training, yoga, pilates, core training, or HIIT (high intensity interval training). 

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