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Kiara May

Owner, Sacred Empowerment

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Hello, My name is Kiara May, I’m an Energy Medicine Practitioner.  I’ve found working with many energy healing modalities and with my own life experience that it all starts with the subconscious mind and most importantly your heart space. My approach to healing is what I call Sacred Empowerment and transforming our lives involves working with the subconscious mind, and our energy centers to identify and transmute our limiting beliefs.  I am passionate about higher self connection, subconscious rewiring, and heart chakra based work. 


My goal is to assist you in releasing and clearing; stagnant energy and limiting beliefs, allowing you to make room for more of what you want and deserve in this life, aligning you to your highest path.

All sessions are customized to your specific needs, offering sessions in person or remote via Zoom depending on the service.


Modalities Practiced:

Consultation (15 minutes) - Free - Ask questions and gain an idea of my healing approach


Discovery Call (30 minutes) - Free - An Informative chat to get to know your needs, a brief description of my approach, and covering where you are in your healing and where you’d like to be. 


Intuitive Energy Healing - $125 - Relaxing, gentle and powerful healing. Together we will set an intention and focus on removing stagnant energy in the subtle body, chakras and working with the subconscious to clear limiting beliefs systems and programs that no longer serve you. Bringing you back to wholeness.


Advanced Energy Healing - $150 - Relaxing, gentle, and powerful healing. Together setting an intention and getting the “issues out of the tissues”, clearing memory cellular points in the body of past experiences and energy holding you back from the experiences you’d rather have. Or doing Timelines Energy therapy, to clear past experiences (from this lifetime or past lives) to shift your reality in the here and now for your highest good.


Medical Intuitive Energy Healing - $175 - Relaxing, gentle, and powerful. Clearing the limiting belief systems in the subconscious mind that have caused ailments, and pain in the body. Then clearing and rejuvenating the energy body, chakras, organs, body parts, cells, ect of the limiting beliefs that the body has been affected by. Creating huge shifts in your reality and healing in your body, bringing you back to wholeness.


Quantum Hypnosis Healing - $400 new client | $250 returning client - In this session you will give me a list of questions you’d like to get answered from your higher self, in this list of questions, it will include, life purpose, health/ body, life/emotional, and a cast of characters. I’ll put you in a trance to access your past lives where it will be made clear why things are why they are in this current life. Then we will contact your higher self to ask the questions and where you will also receive healing if necessary. Everything is voice recorded so you can listen to your answers.

Reading- In depth 20 minute intuitive reading on your concern or questions


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