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Kiara May

Owner, Sacred Empowerment

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Hello, my name is Kiara May, and I’m an energy medicine practitioner. I'm here to hold a sacred space to heal, shift, and guide you. My approach is based in spirituality, embodying the higher self and rewiring the subconscious mind to work for you. This allows you to reconnect with your true self, the part of you that is rooted in love. Allowing you to manifest, clear blockages, trauma, relief from physical ailments, finding your purpose, and being in full alignment, free from the densities we carry along the way.


As an energy medicine practitioner certified in Sacred activations, Integrated energy therapy, Avesa energy balancing, chakra work and more. I also work with hypnosis and past life regression like, timelines and parallel universe work, quantum healing hypnosis technique and other therapies as well. Your subconscious mind and your energy body hold so much density that keeps you from living the life you want. You are more than deserving of a life you desire most. 


I'm passionate in aiding my clients to say yes to their higher self in all ways that benefit them most. We’ll be clearing out limiting beliefs systems, negative programs, work with trauma, emotional issues and so much more. All sessions are designed for your specific needs, concerns, and issues, I am an open ear and heart to support you through any of it. I offer sessions of each individual modality, and intuitive sessions, which can combine many modalities.



Consultation | Free 15 minutes| Virtual Via Zoom


I have many modalities to choose from that serve different purposes. If you are not sure where to start or have any questions, I’d be more than happy to assist you! 


Sacred Activations 30 minutes | First session free


Virtual via zoom session for three foundation activations to integrate before your next session.


Sacred Activations 30 minutes | $75 | Virtual via Zoom

Sacred activations is a powerful energy healing modality. These activations work with the subconscious mind to reprogram and unplug you from your limiting belief systems, past conditioning(subconscious programs that no longer serve you), allowing you to shift your mindset, release emotional issues, manifest, heal relationship issues and more.


Sacred activations - Timelines & Parallel Universes therapy 60 minutes | $115| Virtual via zoom


This is a powerful session that addresses recurring issues and problems that may be rooted deeply in traumatic past lives, ancient fears and phobias, unhealed karmic wounds, etc. Also bringing beneficial past life or future qualities that you’d like to know about and bring into the now.

I’ll be accessing these past life programs and pulling the traumatic past lives and old memories from your programming or replacing them with a better alternative, while doing activations. This is so you no longer carry their low vibrations and energies that have surfaced through your current life issues. Also bringing beneficial past life gifts, talents, and knowledge and installing them into your present life that you may want as we talk during this process. I will then look into the future to see how shifting your past lives affects your future in a positive way to see if more work can be done. Also allowing you to integrate positive aspects of yourself from your higher parallel realities into the here and now, and plugging in archetype energy if wanted, obtaining your highest blueprint for this lifetime.


QHHT 4 hrs | Free (Value $275 new client, Returning $180) In-person

Quantum healing hypnosis technique achieves the deepest level of hypnosis and is a powerful tool to access a part of ourselves, known as the higher self that holds all the answers. A part of ourselves that is always connected to source, and has unlimited ability to quantum heal the physical body and mental ailments. As sometimes they are rooted in trauma from past lives, and sometimes connected to lessons being learned in this present life. With QHHT clients are able to have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are, and to ultimately create change within themselves. This session entails past life regression, contact with higher self, and relief of physical ailments, all sessions are voice recorded.

Integrated Energy Therapy 75 minutes | $90 | (Hands on) In-person (request remote session)

We can attract joyful experiences and some difficult and some situations that your soul attracts overwhelm you and the energy of these situations are suppressed in your aura as trauma. These traumatic imprints can attract repetition of situations and can limit your ability to express creativity, become empowered, and fulfill your soul mission in life. The suppressed energy limits your enjoyment of life, as well as impair your physical, and emotional state of being. Attracting similar experiences in your life.


IET “gets the issues out of your tissues” working with the healing angels of the energy field to support your self healing by clearing the physical and emotional, mental, spiritual, and karmic imprints from the cellular memory in the body. Then we will integrate empowering imprints with this beautiful angelic energy, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Avesa Quantum Balancing 45 minutes| $60 in-person (request remote session)


Avesa balancing and golden ray energy is a relaxing, and powerful modality that clears density and activates your chakras gifting you a greater expression of activated love, remembrance and reconnecting with our incredible and harmonious soul energy. Avesa balancing creates an interdimensional quantum energy field where healing and restoration can happen. This gift supports you in diminishing physical ailments, along with greater experience of peace, ability to manifest, clarity of life purpose, and true connection with your divine being-ness. With each Avesa balancing session, the energy of our authentic self becomes more and more familiar and available, offering you an ascended state of being.



Sacred Activations

Integrated energy Therapy

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


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