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Career Changes

Changing Careers / Job Transitions

If there is one thing we can count on in life, it’s that life is always changing. Transition is simply the internal modifications we undergo in order to adapt to the changes we encounter on the outside. Not only is change and transition inevitable, they are necessary for healthy mental and spiritual growth. Career changes result for many reasons, but whatever the cause, it is a well-know fact this transitional phase is one full of emotional turmoil and stress. The degree and intensity of this turmoil however, is truly a personal choice.

A New Job, A New Career

With today’s fast-paced, hi-tech society, complete career changes or transitions within the same company are everyday occurrences. Lay-offs, closings, and employee burnout are simply part of the job. While our expectations may adhere to this type of work environment, emotionally and physically our bodies simply can’t keep up anymore.

For many of us, we have literally become ticking time bombs. According to the National Academy of Sciences, chronic stress triggers cell deterioration, increases aging such as muscle weakness and wrinkles, accelerates hearing and eyesight problems, and in general, shortens our lifespan. This type of stress also wreaks havoc on our self-esteem and personal Relationships and puts us at risk for alcohol and drug abuse. Whether you have voluntarily decided to change jobs or you were forced to find a new career because of circumstance, stress is inevitable. How we handle this stress however, is what determines our fate. With counseling and support, we can learn to minimize the fallout and make the transition a positive experience for all involved.

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