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Sammy Mills

Owner, Beyond Body Images


Hi, my name is Sammy and I offer a holistic approach to self-love with human design readings and reiki energy sessions. As a 5/1 Projector I have fallen in love with helping others. My goal as your guide is to create a space for you to speak and be seen for who you are.

My practical approach is designed to connect you more to your own inner nature. You’ll have the space to talk about whatever you’re going through that’s present for you at the moment. What I want you to know is that you are inherently valuable simply because you exist. Your relationships can dramatically improve simply by standing in your own truth and self-love. You don’t need a compatibility chart or anyone to tell you that you’re worthy. There’s nothing you need to change about yourself, and my sessions are designed to show you this.

If there is a more specific area in which you are looking to speak about, I offer a follow up reading for those. I love to answer questions and I am always willing to meet people where they are. This is about you, meaning I am here to help you the best way I can.


New Client Reiki Energy Session: 90-Minutes $90


Reiki Energy Sessions: 60-Minute $60


New Client Human Design Reading: 90-Minutes $150


Human Design Readings: 60-Minutes $90

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