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Robert Von Nordheim

Education Specialist


Owner, Radical Empath Education


A trained educator and lifelong student, Robert Von Nordheim is proud to be part of the Diversified team. Robert grew up in nearby Belleville, IL and earned a BA in English from U of I Springfield. He took on part-time writing jobs and planned to become a professional editor, but his classwork in education revealed his passion and talent for teaching. 


Robert moved to St. Louis and taught English for 3 years. He then worked as a logistical coordinator for Varsity Tutors, an educational tech startup. Robert’s long-term goal is to become a licensed school psychologist specializing in autism and LGBTQ+ issues. 


In his downtime, Robert hunts for deals on secondhand clothes and natural health and beauty products. He reads and writes fiction (Margaret Atwood is his favorite). He’s also into dance, cycling, and role-playing/strategy games.


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