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Julie Bergfeld



I am a Yoga Teacher (RYT-500) and a Mobility, Health and Wellness Coach, specializing in maximizing human potential. I specialize in habit building and breaking, performance, stress relief, focus, sleep, fitness and weight loss.


Although my degrees in French Literature and Journalism hadn’t prepared me for it, I became a Human Potential coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Human Movement Specialist in addition to being a Certified Tiny Habits coach. I also am the founder of a yoga studio and understand the dynamics of small business ownership. Currently I hold an ICF (International Coaching Federation) ACC coach certification and regularly engage in training to continue my own self development.


I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and teaching yoga since 2008. I owned a yoga studio in St. Louis for 6 years and continue to teach classes and workshops in addition to working privately with clients. 


An accomplished marathon and ultra-marathon runner, I was once the USATF Women’s 50K Trail champion. The cumulative stress to both body and mind took its toll and I vowed to learn to heal myself.


I help men and women perform at their peak by improving their relationships with themselves and others through the skill of movement and mindfulness.


Private sessions: $50-100

Group sessions: $75-125 


Please contact me for further details!

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