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Gayle Wilson Rose

Certified Whole Health Coach

Weight Management Specialist

Behavior Change Specialist

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Gayle Wilson Rose provides accountability, encouragement, and guidance as she assists clients in developing consistency to shift out of habits that don’t support well-being and to adopt healthy mindsets for balanced self-care that lasts. With WhyPowered® Whole Health Coaching, clients say “No” to diets and “Yes” to trusting themselves and their bodies. Without relying on willpower, calorie-counting, or points, clients get to their happy weight without extremes, deprivation, or shoulds. By connecting to their WhyPower, clients find their motivation mojo for eating cleaner, leading active lifestyles, and managing daily stressors.


With a business degree and certifications in health coaching and personal fitness training from the American Council on Exercise, Coach Gayle specializes in behavior change.

In 2014 she founded WhyPowered Whole Health Coaching.

Learn more about her coaching work in this 3-minute video.


Her two guiding mantras are:

All things in moderation except love and laughter.

Forget about aging gracefully; do it with a vengeance.