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Drew Weingart

Graduate Intern

I have an innate drive to help other and ease their pain, but good intentions only get so us so far. As such, I am committed to delivering compassion through skillfully applied therapeutic techniques and personalized care for every client. The reasons for coming to counseling are many: needing a space to vent emotions, needing to do constructive work on our inner beliefs, to work through negative emotions resulting from past experiences, and to find the necessary steps to address dissatisfaction in our lives, to name only a few. I believe all of needs are valid, and we should have a non-judgmental space to work on fulfilling them. I also believe many come to counseling for one reason, only to find that it was really for another. These varied and ever-changing needs from clients are why I feel effectively finding and applying every technique is crucial to the therapeutic relationship.

I have experience in clinical settings working with both adults and adolescents going through some of the roughest, and most revelatory times in their lives. This informs my counseling style in that I take a trauma-informed and open-minded counseling approach, with the intent of making client's feel the warmth and safety they need to do constructive mental health work. Being a practicing Buddhist, I also feel my style of counseling is heavily influenced by the ideals of mindfulness and meditative thought. I apply this by encouraging clients to be more cognizant of their world and their mind and communicating the benefits of benevolent self-reflection.

I have a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Business from Missouri State University and will be completing my master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lindenwood University in Fall 2023, after which I intend on pursuing LPC licensure. I am elated to be here at Diversified Health & Wellness, perfecting the tools of my trade and improving the mental health of those in my community!

Specializations: Adolescents, Anxiety, Behavioral Disorders, Depression

Treatment Modes: CBT-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Availability: By Appointment


Payment Types: Cash, Check, Credit-AMEX/MC/Visa, Debit Card, HSA

Accepted Insurance Plans: None, Sliding Scale

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