Santa's Workshop


Bring your little elves to play and create gifts for the family!

Finish shopping, enjoy some free time, or take one of our adult classes while the kids have fun and create in Santa’s Workshop.  Kids (ages 5 and up) will enjoy snacks, games and music while making 4 holiday gifts for family and friends (small fee for additional gifts).  They will come home with handmade, wrapped gifts ready to put under the tree!

Two Dates to Choose From:

December 14th

5:30 - 8pm




December 17th

1:30 - 4pm

$40 for first child, $30 each additional child

Free Childcare Available!

Children under 5 years

 (Registration required)




Connection for Couples

Join us for a workshop series featuring relevant and practical topics to build and grow your relationship


Dates and Topics

October 7Relationship Pitfalls Part 1 Recognizing and changing destructive conflict patterns

October 14: Relationship Pitfalls Part 2

October 21: Our Communication Sucks

Building better listening and collaboration skills

October 28: Dollars and Sense

Managing the effects of financial woes on your relationship


November 11: Bringing Home Baby

Understanding the changes in relationship  dynamics after a child arrives


November 18: Team Parenting

Learning co-parenting strategies for divorced, separated, and/or cohesive couples.

December 2: Spice Up Your Life -

Regaining intimacy


December 9: We Used to Be Fun

Adapting to changes in the relationship

Register Below!

Basic Info

- All workshops are from 10AM-12PM

- Workshops take place at Diversified Health and Wellness Center

- Cost per workshop is
 $10/couple. (Discounted pricing available for couples who sign up for all 8 workshops)

- Childcare is available for all workshops (click here for information)

Meet Your Providers

Katheryn Barton and Megan Rennie are pursuing their Masters In Counseling at UMSL and are current counseling interns at Diversified Health and Wellness Center.


New Mom Support Group

Join us for an hour of socialization and support for new mothers. Please feel free to bring your infants and come just as you are!

Basic Info

Becoming a new mother brings a wide range of emotions (joy, frustration, anxiety, excitement, and everything in between!) This group is designed to provide time for new moms to decompress and share experiences together.

- Free!

- All workshops are from 10AM-11AM

- Workshops take place at Diversified Health and Wellness Center

- Geared for mothers of infants 0-8 months old

- Childcare is available for all workshops (click here for information)

Meet Your Provider

Megan Rennie is pursuing her Masters In Counseling at UMSL and is currently a counseling intern at Diversified Health and Wellness Center.


Classes/Workshops, Mondays 7-8:00 pm — Free ($10 suggested donation)

Buried in Treasures: Structured Help for People with too Much Clutter 

This program was originally designed for people who have extreme issues with keeping too much stuff. But your home doesn’t have to look like an episode from a bad reality television show in order to benefit from this workshop. If you have more possessions than your home can comfortably hold, or you feel like your possessions are starting to own you (instead of the other way around), you can learn how to develop a safer, healthier relationship with the things in your life.

Sunday, January 7, 2018, 2:00pm


Life Balance: Best Practices for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Tips and tricks to gain control of your mind/body interaction to lower stress response and improve mood. Proven methods to change your negative thought patterns and move your life forward. Steps toward feeding your spirit with positive relationships.



Monday, January 8, 2018, 7:00pm


When Clutter Takes Over: Understanding Why, and Techniques for Dealing with It

Most of us have more “stuff” than we need. But, for some people, the balance tips from owning their possessions to possessions owning them. Learn more about peoples’ relationship with the things in their lives and how to change that relationship to a safer, healthier balance.



Sunday, January 14, 2018, 2:00pm


Integrating Mindfulness Practices into Everyday Life

Mindfulness can be integrated into your busy routine. It doesn't have to be another item added to your over-filled calendar. You don't have to be able to "empty" your mind. Anyone can do it, anywhere. There are many ways to be mindful--discover some ways that resonate with you and fit into your current life. Learn why it works and what it can do to improve your life.


Life Skills

Join Joy Hathaway for classes and workshops giving a practical approach for dealing with the stresses and curveballs of modern life

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