Brittany Doty


Hello and Welcome!


Congratulations on taking the first and often scariest step in counseling. I know what it is like to ask for help. I too remember those initial feelings of uncertainty before going into my first counseling session. I am here to tell you that from this point on you are no longer in this alone. Whether you are struggling to figure out who you are, where you belong in this world, dealing with one of the many transitions of life or are just trying to deal with those day to day stressors, I am here to help you navigate through it. We will work on getting you where you want to be by setting goals and finding the right approach that works best for you.


I currently utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Person-Centered Therapy into my counseling approach, but am open to using the approach that best suits my client. 


Specializations: Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Trauma, PTSD, Life Stress, Peer Relationships, Coping Skills, Self-Esteem Issues, Work Stress and Codependency 


I work primarily with young adolescents to middle aged adults in an individual setting. I also see some couples as well.

11042 Manchester Rd | Kirkwood, MO 63122

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